A-hyuck hyuck....Yesterday our tire flew off on the way to the airport.  As a testament to our resilience, I'm writing this from a well lit organic cafe in the town of Hafnarfjorder, Iceland, so we prevailed and made our flight, but not until the next day.  Because we got to the airport a day early.  Because We were exhausted and busy completely re-defining our lives the weeks prior to our trip.  One of the main purposes of this trip is to redefine my career.  I didn't realize, however, how much work it would be to pack up everything I own into to the back of my truck for storage and assemble 80 pounds of gear and clothing into the 2 bags that would be my home for the winter.  So, after a very harrowing 2 weeks of planning, moving, packing, and finishing up all of my video edits from this summer, my mind was completely blown and unable to process the difference between a wednesday and a thursday, or between the numbers 8 and 9...Nor was I fully able to process what the bump-THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD-etc meant as we made our way to the airport along Washington State highway 16 at 65 miles an hour.  Then, as our friend and driver Christian pulled his car over to the shoulder and came to a harrowing and abrupt halt, sending my head into the ceiling of the car, my brain had a very hard time contemplating the meaning of the tire that bumped and rattled it's way along the shoulder into the ditch no more than 5 meters from me.  The result:


My mom is rad, and she came to the rescue, picking us up, taking us out to dinner, and dropping us off at our "safe house" in Seattle, a moderate old 2 story shared by 3 Sequim alums we grew up with.  A few delicious pizza's and a good night's sleep later found us back on the road to the airport.  This time, we took the light rail and boarded our plane on time, and on the right day.  There's not enough to be said for having a good network, a good tribe, and family of people you can rely on.  Something we're sorely going to miss in Europe.  Something I hope and pray we find everywhere we go.  If I've learned anything from traveling, it's that tires fall off in every language.